Potholes on road are so huge, Bengaluru residents offer boat ride for ₹20

Doddakallasandra residents protest poor condition of Avalahalli Main Road

Residents of Doddakallasandra in Bengaluru are fed up of potholes in roads in their locality. The condition of roads has been worsened by the movement of trucks.

Whenever the are receives rain, the Avalahalli Main Road, off Kanakapura Road in south Bengaluru, is flooded. Residents on either side are unable to use the road, which means they get stuck in their locality.

Protest against potholes in Bengaluru

Following rains last week, the road was flooded for two days. Repeated complaints to the BBMP have not evoked a response.

On September 4, residents gathered on the road, which was muddy and wet owing to stagnation of rainwater. They brought a boat and offered rides for ₹20 per passenger to draw the attention of authorities to the condition of the road. They also planted saplings on the road.

Residents of Doddakallasandra in Bengaluru planting saplings on Avalahalli Main Road, off Kanakapura Road, on September 4, 2021. | Photo Credit: K. Murali Kumar


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