Power generation resumes after two weeks

Storage in SRSP crosses 65 tmc ft as heavy inflows continue

Continuing heavy rains in the catchment areas of Krishna and Godavari rivers and their tributaries have kept the flood into most of the reservoir in the two basins steady on Thursday too. The inflows have helped the authorities resume power generation at Jurala and Lower Jurala hydel stations after a gap of two weeks.

According to the engineers at Jurala, power generation in one of the units of 6×39 MW power house at the project site was commenced around 9.30 am on Thursday as the inflows crossed 10,000 cusecs mark and another unit was switched on after a gap of two hours. Later, one more unit was switched on around 2.30 pm allowing the Genco authorities to resume generation at the 6×40 MW power house the Lower Jurala Hydro-electric Station.

As the Almatti and Narayanpur projects in Karnataka were getting steady inflows of 45,000 cusecs and 50,000 cusecs, respectively, as of Thursday evening the authorities there were discharging 45,000 cusecs and 57,000 cusecs of flood downstream towards Jurala. Inflows into Tungabhadra project, also located in Karnataka, have increased to 10,000 cusecs and are forecast to go up further with heavy rains in the catchment areas.

The Central Water Commission (CWC) has indicated continuation of flood into Almatti and Tungabhadra reservoirs with Mahabaleshwar (5.7 cm) and Agumbe (15.8 cm) recording heavy to very heavy rain during the 24-hour period till 8.30 am on Thursday. The agency has forecast rising trend in inflows into Almatti based on the flood at Hippargi Barrage in the upstream.

In the Godavari Basin, Sriramsagar was getting over 1.38 lakh cusecs of flood with its storage crossing 65 tmc ft against capacity of 90.3 tmc ft as of Thursday evening. At Medigadda Barrage, over 1.64 lakh cusecs of flood was being discharged against the inflows of about 1.27 lakh cusecs with forecast of rise in the flood.

Singur and Nizamsagar reservoirs were also getting over 2,000 cusecs each of inflows and the Lower Manair Dam was getting nearly 11,000 cusecs.

Inflows into Kaddam have come down (5,100 cusecs) and the engineers there have stopped flood discharge to build up level in the reservoir. Yellampally Barrage was getting nearly 33,000 cusecs flood from the local catchment areas. Sundilla Barrage was discharge flood getting from Yellampally as it is but the gates at Annaram Barrage were closed in the evening to build up storage.

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