Prasanth Varma film titled Hanu-Man

Finally the wait is over. The creative and talented film maker Prasanth Varma made official announcement regarding his 4th project, which is titled Hanu-Man.

The upcoming film Hanu-Man is  happens to be the first Superhero film in Telugu film Industry. Today morning the makers revealed the title and also  released a short video byte about Hanu-Man on the occasion of Prashanth Varma’ birthday.  Coming to video byte, it showcases the picturesque locations of Kashmir.  The background score and  the eye-feasting visuals are highlighted.

Currently  Prasanth Varma’ upcoming directorial venture  is in the pre production stage. Very soon the official announcement regarding the cast and crew of Hanu-Man will be made.

Hanu-Man is a superhero for Hindus.  He is  divine vanara companion of the god.  Everyone is aware of that  Hanuman built up an army to fight against  lankesh-Ravana and his demons and he  had helped Lord Rama in bringing back Goddess Sita from  Lanka to Ayodhya.

Prasanth Varma’ previous offering was Zombie Reddy in which Teja Sajja played the main lead role. It was the first Telugu zombie film  and now the director is all set to make the first original superhero film in Telugu.  Awe and Kalki fame Prasanth is bringing this super hit genre to Telugu audience this time.

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