Price of diesel breaches ₹100 in State

‘Tax levied by A.P. on diesel the highest in the country’

The price of a litre of diesel breached the ₹100 mark in several cities and towns in the State on Sunday following the recent increase in the fuel prices across the country.

The price of a litre of petrol is more than ₹108 in most parts of the State.

“The price of diesel has not touched ₹100 in any other State,” according to data sourced from Indian Oil Corporation’s website.

The per-litre price of diesel in Guntur is ₹100.59. It is ₹100.30 in Vijayawada and ₹99.45 in Visakhapatnam.

The price of petrol in the three cities are as follows: ₹108.63 (Guntur), ₹108.29 (Vijayawada), and ₹107.44 (Visakhapatnam).

As of Sunday, the prices of diesel and petrol in Hyderabad were ₹99.04 and ₹106.51 respectively. In Chennai, while the cost of petrol was ₹100, the price of diesel was ₹95.3.

“The taxes levied on petrol and diesel by the State government were ₹28.49 and ₹21.78 respectively as of July this year, and they had increased from ₹20.91 and ₹16.30 in July 2020,” the Centre had said in reply to a question posed on the ‘Impact of rising fuel prices’ in the Lok Sabha in July.

“Andhra Pradesh levies the highest tax on diesel in the country and the third highest on petrol after Maharashtra and Rajasthan,” the Centre had said.

In one year, the taxes levied on petrol and diesel increased by ₹7.59 and ₹5.48 respectively.

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