Prince Philip visited Chennai twice

Prince of Arcot recalls the visits

Britain’s late Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh, visited Chennai twice along with the Queen in 1961 and 1997.

Historian V. Sriram recalls a photograph where the Prince was seated at the back of the open car along with the former President R. Venkataraman during his visit in 1961. The royal couple had attended lunch at Chettinad House then.

Condoling the death of Prince Philip on Friday, the Prince of Arcot, Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali, recalled his meeting with the Queen and Prince Philip.

During the meeting at the official residence of the British Deputy High Commissioner, the Prince of Arcot had shown the historic royal scrolls of the Kings of England dating back to 1764 and 1770 that was addressed to his great ancestor Nawab Muhammad Ali Wallajah of the Carnatic.

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