Prison guard found dead

He was posted in Shivamogga prison

A warder (prison guard) in Shivamogga prison was found dead in his quarters on November 4. Ashwak V. Tagari, 25, is a native of Yarnad in Belagavi district. He is survived by his wife.

Police said Ashwak had called up his wife, who was in her native place, on November 3 night and said he was committing suicide. Her father called up Ashwak’s colleague Gajendra and requested him to check on his son-in-law. By the time, Gajendra could reach the quarters and open the doors, Ashwak was dead.

Shivamogga police registered an unnatural death report based on a complaint filed by the jailer. A preliminary investigation by the police revealed that Ashwak had been suffering from health complications over the last two years.

(Those in depression and having suicidal tendencies can consult Karnataka’s helpline 104 for counselling)

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