Protest for housing facilities

Families belonging to nomadic communities residing near MRS Circle in the city staged a protest under the aegis of Nirantara Samsthe on Tuesday, demanding housing facilities.

Addressing the protest meet, T. Anil Kumar, a functionary of Nirantara Samsthe, said that more than 40 families belonging to nomadic communities were residing on government land in makeshift tents near MRS Circle from past many years. Their members work for daily wages and are engaged in petty work. Though they had made several requests to authorities concerned to provide housing facilities for them, no action has been taken in this regard so far, he said.

He said that their dwelling place is deprived of basic civic amenities. He pressed the State government to either confer title deeds to the families on the land on which they are residing and provide financial assistance for construction of houses there or provide housing facilities for them at an alternative place.

Functionaries of Nirantara Samsthe George Saldanha, M. Prathibha, and Ganganna took part in the protest.

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