Protest staged against hike in fuel price, power tariff

Condemning the continued hike of fuel prices, soaring prices of essential commodities and permission to hike power tariff amid a pandemic, members of Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist) staged a protest and burnt an effigy in Dharwad on Monday.

Staging the protest in front of the office of Deputy Commissioner of Dharwad, the protestors condemned in strong terms the Union and State governments’ apathy towards the plight of the common man who was already under a lot of burden due to the COVID-19-induced lockdown.

The protestors raised slogans against the Union and State governments for what they said failure to check the soaring prices of essential commodities and fuel and burnt “soaring prices” in an effigy to register their protest.

Addressing the protestors, district secretariat member of SUCI(C) Laxman Jadagannavar said that at a time when the life of the people had become miserable due to the pandemic, more burden was being brought on commoners.

The workers and the commoners had been pushed to the street as there was no work. The farmers were unable to get proper price for their farm yield and crores of people had lost their jobs due to the lockdown. Amid this misery, the governments had failed to take remedial measures to mitigate the sufferings of the commoners. What was even worse was that the governments had announced a pittance as compensation to the affected families and failed to fulfil their responsibility, he said.

Mr. Jadagannavar said that while on the one hand, the Union government was citing funds crunch as the reason for not announcing adequate relief package, it was spending crores of rupees for building Central Vista, on the other.

“During the pandemic, the State government has spent ₹13 crore for purchasing luxury cars for Ministers and officials. The Union government has waived huge loans running into thousands of crores of capitalists but has failed to check the soaring prices that affect the common people,” he said.

He said that the governments should immediately take remedial measures to help the common people and initiate steps to check soaring prices. Otherwise, people will be forced to take the path of agitation to get their rightful demands met, he added.

The protest was led by SUCI(C) office-bearers Deepa V., Sharanu Gonawar, Ramesh Hoasamani, Madhulata Goudar, Bhavani Shankar and residents of various localities.

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