Pull down old, unused buildings across T.N., urges O. Panneerselvam

The AIADMK coordinator plea to the State govt comes a day after a tragedy in Madurai.

In the wake of the collapse of a dilapidated building in Madurai killing a policeman and injuring another, AIADMK coordinator O. Panneerselvam on Thursday urged the Tamil Nadu government to survey and pull down all such old and unused buildings across the State to prevent such accidents.

In a statement, Mr. Panneerselvam urged the government to register a case against the owner of the building in Madurai.

Referring to the solatium of 25 lakh announced by the government to the bereaved family, he said since the policeman died while on duty, there is an opinion that the solatium should be increased.

"The Chief Minister should take steps to increase the solatium and ensure the government bore the cost of medical treatment being provided to the injured policeman in a private hospital," he said.

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