Rangasamy asks T.N. to include history of Puducherry in textbooks

Puducherry Chief Minister unveils statue of Tolkappiar

The Tamil Nadu government should consider including the history of Puducherry in school textbooks, Chief Minister N. Rangasamy said on Monday.

Speaking after unveiling a statue of Tolkappiar, author of the oldest grammar treatise in Tamil, at the Puducherry Institute of Linguistics and Culture (PILC), Mr. Rangasamy said it was important for Tamil students (in the neighbouring State) to know the history of Puducherry.

Tolkappiam, he said, was the fundamental text from which all Tamil literature was derived.

Noting that pursuit of knowledge, perseverance and deep thinking are essential traits for researchers, Mr. Rangasamy called upon researchers to reproduce the quintessence of ancient books for the benefit of the next generation of students and scholars.

Transport Minister Chandira Priyanga was among those who participated.

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