RBI gets fake currency notes

They were of ₹100 denomination and totally added up to ₹32,000

Officials with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in Bengaluru have lodged a complaint with the Halasuru Gate police on the detection of fake currency. Between January and February this year, several nationalised banks in the city received fake currency amounting to ₹32,500. The RBI has sought a detailed probe into this.

As per the complaint, a total of 166 fake currency notes of ₹100 denomination had been detected in the remittances from nationalised banks between January 1 and January 29. Another set of 159 counterfeit notes of ₹100 denomination from a bank and seven bank chests were deposited with the RBI between February 1 and February 24.

The Halasuru Gate police said that all nationalised banks have currency counting machines with fake note detectors. “We have to investigate how these fake notes slipped past these machines,” said a senior police official.

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