‘Reallocation was hurried affair’

Employees can appeal, but first they should report for duty

As the exercise over reallocation of employees of different categories in new local cadres is coming to a close, employees are expressing concern over the hurried manner in which the entire procedure had been taken up denying them an opportunity to present their case.

The process adopted for reallocation of the employees itself had several lapses in that the new Presidential Order 2018 provides for taking nativity as the basis for posting of the employees while the government is considering seniority as the criterion for giving postings.

Moreover, there were several instances of overlapping in district, zone and multi-zonal cadre employees as these were not clearly defined in terms of the new Presidential Order, the employees alleged.

Moreover, the hurried manner in which the government has taken up the entire exercise has come in for criticism from the employees. The government had full three years since the new Presidential Order came into effect for reallocation of employees and organising the employees into new local cadres. But it remained silent all these days. In contrast, the Kamalanathan committee constituted for allocation of employees followed an established and transparent procedure. Sufficient time was given to employees and the allocation was made after considering the appeals made by the employees before the final orders were issued. “At least the software deployed by the Kamalanathan committee should have been utilised,” employees say.

The government has, no doubt, permitted appeals by the employees against allocation to new local cadres, but with a rider that employees should report to duties first before forwarding them. “Where is the guarantee that the government considers the appeals after the employees report to duty? It is of common knowledge that transfer from one zone to another or one multi-zone to another will require the consent from the highest level,” lamented an employees’ union leader.

Moreover, the reallocation to new cadres is akin to giving new appointment and there will be a little scope for transfers in the future. This apart, the scope for further recruitment in key places like Hyderabad and Rangareddy will become dim once the sanctioned cadre strength in these districts is filled after the reallocation.

The entire process lacked transparency.

The government should instead allow more time for the issues to be resolved before making the final allocation, he said.

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