Regina Cassandra: Suddenly Hugs & Kisses become risky

Regina Cassandra is one of the most acclaimed actress of South Indian film Industry. Be it Kotha Janta, Subramanyam for Sale or Awe, Regina Cassandra has imprinted her name in the film industry. With her b*ld act and choice of scripts, she has proved that heroines can also play a pivotal role in  the movies. Regina is one of the actresses who has changed the notion of portraying a stereotypical heroine. Recently during the media interaction, Regina Cassandra talked about the intimate scenes in her upcoming movies.

In the times of Coronavirus pandemic, to act in intimate scenes, is a very risk. Regina Cassandra said that she would be scared to perform in intimate scenes like hugging or kissing, due to the fear of deadly virus Corona.  The actress  Regina Cassandra concluded it by saying that her upcoming movies don’t feature such intimate scenes.

In past during an interview, Regina Cassandra had said, “On the personal level, shooting for a kiss might be quite awkward. But that is when you need to shed your inhibitions and get into the skin of the character. Otherwise the whole plot falls flat and becomes unconvincing.”

On the work front, Regina Cassandra will be seen in upcoming much hyped movie Chakra in which Vishal and Shraddha Srinath are playing the lead roles.

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