Reject Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan, says Muslim group

Afghan people yearning for peace, says Indian Muslims for Secular Democracy

Afghanistan is yearning for peace and not for “Islamic Emirate”, said Indian Muslims for Secular Democracy (IMSD), an organisation that champions secular values in India. In a statement issued in the backdrop of the situation in Afghanistan, IMSD said the Indian Muslims “must reject” the idea of Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan.

“IMSD stands in solidarity with the beleaguered millions of Afghan women and men who for too long have been trapped between the corrupt-to-the-core puppet governments propped up by the occupying American and NATO forces and the regressive Taliban who during their earlier rule had trampled over the most basic rights and freedoms of the people of Afghanistan,” a statement issued by IMSD said on Monday.

The IMSD also urged individuals and organisations elsewhere in the world not to celebrate the arrival of the Taliban in Kabul and urged the global community to watch the behaviour of the Taliban team in charge.

“We call on the global community to launch a ‘24/7 Afghanistan Watch’ to mount decisive pressure on the Taliban to ensure and show to the world that unlike their earlier brutal rule which had turned Afghanistan into a veritable hell on earth….this time they will respect the liberties and rights of all its women, men and children,” said IMSD.

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