Remove all unused structures in Bharathapuzha: Sreedharan

‘Such structures block flow of river, leading to flooding’

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation former managing director E. Sreedharan has suggested that all unused structures in the Bharathapuzha at Koottakkadavu, near Thrithala, be removed to help the flow of the river.

Mr. Sreedharan, who is the president of the Friends of Bharathapuzha (FOB), an organisation for the conservation of the river, said that removing the unused structures was a must to prevent flooding. He said the structures, including pillars, had reduced the river’s flow by 30% and had been the main cause of the floods in 2018 and 2019. The Bharathapuzha and the Thuthapuzha converge at Koottakkadavu and flow west through Kuttippuram and Thirunavaya to empty into the Arabian Sea at Ponnani. As two rivers meet at Koottakkadavu, it was natural that the flow of water was high there, Mr. Sreedharan said.

Mr. Sreedharan visited Koottakkadavu on Friday and examined the possibilities of flooding. He said with the removal of the pillars, the old pulimutt should be restored.

On new regulator

There was demand for a new regulator at Kangapuzha in order to bring an end to the water shortage of Anakkara. A study report submitted by a committee headed by the former Agriculture Minister Mullakkara Ratnakaran had pointed out that check-dams and regulators in all panchayats would seriously affect the natural flow of the Bharathapuzha.

Mr. Sreedharan too attested to the finding of the committee. He said there was no need for another regulator.

The FOB had made a study on the situation in the Bharathapuzha following the floods of 2019 and submitted its recommendations to the government, which was yet to take any

action on them.

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