Residents continue to dump garbage along Walkers’ Park

People continue to dump garbage along Walkers’ Park on the banks of Vandiyur lake in K.K. Nagar. The intermittent rain has led to waterlogging and the dumping of garbage has turned the place messy and adds to the woes.

Two dumper bins placed on Lake View Road close to East Fourth Street in K.K. Nagar were removed sometime back. However, the residents continue to dump waste in the same place where the dumper bins used to be.

Also, vehicle users who pass that way also throw garbage here. The Corporation must place the dumper bins at the appropriate place. Placing them on the main road would hinder traffic, said a resident, a retired school teacher. He said that since Lake View Road is busy, placing the bins here would shrink the carriage space.

Stray cattle and dogs rummage through the garbage and scatter them. People also throw garbage haphazardly which falls on the pavement.

Corporation authorities said that there was a shortage of dumper bins. Additional bins will be purchased. A meeting would be held with officials and the issue would be looked into.

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