Response – Fight against COVID-19

Tell politicians too

Though people are sensitised on precautions to combat COVID-19, politicians’ conduct leaves much to be desired. Whenever a public representative visits a place, we see big convoy of cadre accompanying. Is it necessary at this hour? Public meetings and inaugural functions by the VIPs are attended by many supporters. Politicians never follow government rules to fight COVID and police are just mute spectators. When these VIPs are breaking rules, why harass common man? Instead of lockdown, there should be strict implementation of rules.

J.P. Reddy,


Attention diversion

In the midst of a spike in cases, the focus of governments should be on ramping up distribution and procurement of vaccine to match the demand for vaccination. The number of people getting vaccinated is on the rise and it is the right time to increase the number of centres to scatter the crowd. In middle of this, calling for Vaccination Festival or ‘Teeka Utsav’ has needlessly diverted resources to a programme which was already on.

N. Nagarajan,


Free masks

The government should distribute free cotton masks instead of just collecting fine for violation. Traffic police and all government personnel who interact with public in the course of their duty may be supplied with masks and asked to distribute one or two masks to every person they come in contact with. This will create much-needed awareness.

K. Chandramouli,


Caution to wind

It is regrettable that in spite of the announcing ₹1,000 fine for not wearing mask in public places, many citizens are continuing to flout the rule. Markets are seen with packed crowds, and many are without masks and not following social distancing. It is unfortunate that people are ready to pay for their enjoyment during a pandemic but not ready to buy masks and wear them properly!

S.V.N. Vijayendra,

New Gayathrinagar

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