RGV: MAA is a Circus full of JOKERS

MAA- Movie Artistes Association elections this year became the talk of the town. Manchu Vishnu and Prakash Raj contested for the president post. Finally after defeating Prakash Raj, Manchu Manoj has become the president of MAA and few days ago the oath taking ceremony took place. The mainstream and social media gave full attention to the MAA elections. Known to make controversial comments on anything at all, RGV aka Ram Gopal Varma said that the MAA association is a circus, full of Jokers.  RGV termed  MAA association as a ‘circus’ and called all members ‘jokers.’

Ram Gopal Varma took to his Twitter to make a series of tweet today: Cine ”MAA” is a CIRCUS full of JOKERS

Intellectuals are bigger fools than fools because they do not realise that world is full of fools who cannot understand intelligence and that’s the reason why fools become more successful than intellectuals

Many Intellectuals often wonder why fools are more successful, and that’s actually because the intellectuals are the real fools who don’t realise they are fools and hence can’t understand the intellectuals …if u dint understand the above u are a fool.”

One of the fan replied to RGV: RGV mark tweet after a long time! Another netizen manjunath said: Manchu manoj is a fool in ur way.

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