Ruskin Bond’s new book to be out on his 87th birthday

Ruskin Bond's latest book is a collection featuring some of his most memorable short stories and their inimitable characters

Everyone’s favourite author, Ruskin Bond, is coming up with a new book on his 87th birthday on May 19. A collection of short stories titled All Time Favourites for Children, it will feature some of his most celebrated characters and stories as well as new ones. Carefully crafted with Bond’s distinctive charm, the stories are bound to evoke numerous emotions. It will be published by Puffin, children’s imprint of Penguin Random House.

The Kasauli-born author always wanted to write. On April 23, also celebrated as World Book Day, he spoke at length about his vocation with Humans of Bombay. “In a way, books were my escape – at the age of 12, I used to read more than 5 books a week. All I wanted was to emulate my favourite authors, so I started writing short stories. And in 1951, my first story was published in a local magazine; I was 16!” he had said.

Speaking on his life and bachelorhood, he elaborated on the many missed love opportunities, “I mean, here I am, at 87, still a bachelor! So in the 1960s, I adopted my house help’s kids– they’re my family. But being a writer meant living hand to mouth, so I’d often go to Delhi and do odd jobs. And when I had enough money, I’d come up to the hills to write,” he had said.

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