Sales representatives protest labour codes


Members of the Tamil Nadu Medical and Sales Representatives Association under the Federation of Medical and Sales Representatives’ Association of India, submitted a memorandum to the Collector demanding notification of Statutory Working Rules for the Sales Promotion Employees under SPE Act.

“The Central government in the last Parliamentary session had proposed converting the 44 labour laws into four codes. This amalgamation will lead to more ambiguity in labour rights and dilution of the same. The government has also proposed to repeal the Sales Promotion Act 1976 by bringing in the code on occupational health, safety and working conditions. Similarly in the code on wages, the terms ‘workers’ and ‘employees’ have been used interchangeably, causing more confusion. All these aspects will only lead to more exploitation of sales representatives by their employers,” said B. Ramkumar, a member of the association.

“In August 2017, a tripartite meeting involving labour ministry, central trade union and managements were held after which a draft working rules was released. We rejected it as it had everything in favour of the managements and we had suggested a set of working rules. From the Tamil Nadu State Association, we are sending a memorandum to the Labour Ministry through Collectors,” he added.

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