Sanjjanaa Galrani breaks silence on divorce

Last year Sanjjanaa Galrani was arrested as an accused for her alleged role in the ongoing drug scandal probe, but she was granted conditional bail on medical grounds in the month of December.  She had also grabbed headlines for her secret marriage with Dr Azeez Pasha, who is a cardiovascular surgeon based in Bengaluru.

When she was arrested in Sandalwood drug scandal, a picture went viral on the social media in which she was seen in festive attire that was similar to a wedding dress.  After her custody, Sanjjana clarified that she is not married but had got engaged to Azeez.  But on the occasion of National’s Doctor Day, she officially announced that she is married. Now once again she in the news because of her husband. Kannada media is bustling with the news that Sanjjanaa Galrani is all set to divorce her husband.

But Sanjjanaa Galrani immediately responded and busted this fresh rumor of her divorce. The actress condemned all the reports with a strong statement. “I am not going to tolerate any more rubbish without any proof that any publication publishers in regard to me.”

Earlier during an interview, the actress had said: “We did not opt for a grand celebration because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Instead I donated all my fixed deposits which I had kept for my marriage to the Kannada film industry technicians.”

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