School principal puts a stamp on student’s arm as fee reminder

The schools and colleges usually send a piece of notice, written on a paper, to remind parents on the due of their academic fees. However, a private school in Ludhiana had put a stamp on a boy’s arm as a reminder, saying that his parents should pay the boy and his sister’s fees as soon as possible.

The incident has been brought to notice to the District Educational Department. They said that the department would soon order an inquiry to ask school staff if they are guilty over the shocking incident. District education officer also said that they will be taking an action over this sheer harassment of Harshdeep Singh, who is a student of Class 7.

When Harshdeep went to attend an exam, the incident happened as his parents were unable to pay Rs 760 for April and May and also for pending dues of Rs 6805 of their daughter’s fees. The boy said that he did not carry his bag because of the exam rules, and his principal put a stamp on his arm instead of writing the note in a diary.

When asked his parents, the boy’s father, Kuldeep Singh, said that they have already informed the school of clearing dues on May 25 but within the given time, they have embarrassed and harassed my child, he added. In an investigation, the Principal Shamma Duggal said that ”I stamped the boy’s arm and asked him to show his parents, and it can be easily erased. Don’t know why parents are making an issue out of this”

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