SCR Mettuguda workshop to make key machines for railways

‘Point Machines’ assist a train to seamlessly move from one track to another

SCR’s signal and telcommunications workshop at Mettuguda has achieved the in-house capacity of manufacturing ‘Point Machines’ which are key components assisting a train to seamlessly move from one track to another. The workshop is now the only third agency within the railways network to make them as such machines are also manufactured by private firms.

These point machines of 143 mm and 220 mm are extensively used by the railways throughout its network. These machines provide the safe mechanism for changing operation of trains from one line to another by securely locking the relevant points ensuring least vibrations besides helping to improve speeds further, said senior officials on Saturday.

The workshop has the capacity to make 3,250 such machines annually and is expected to meet the rising demand and lower the costs since it is being made in-house. The production will cater to the zonal requirements and also across the railway network as the machines need to be replaced every 12 years or after 3 lakh operations, said General Manager Gajanan Mallya appreciating the workshop in a press release.

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