Senior actor Suman comments on Tollywood drug case

MAA- Movie Artistes Association’s elections for the term of 2021-23 will be held on 10th October. Prakash Raj and Manchu Vishnu are contesting for the president post of MAA. Prakash Raj is a candidate for the post of president in MAA and he has already announced the names of his panel members who will contest for different positions in the MAA elections. On the otherside, Manchu Vishnu is also competing for the post of president.  Recently during the media interaction, senior actor Suman spoke about MAA elections and Tollywood drug case.

Suman is deeply upset with Tollywood drug case and he demanded that a strict action must be taken to prevent the drug menace. He said that drugs are rampant in almost all the aspects of Indian society, but it’s highlighted only when film stars are linked to it.

 Suman made sensational remarks that the drug issue is not just in the cine field but everywhere. But the main  focus is on celebrities to get more publicity.   He added that the implementation of harsh punishments can stop these unscrupulous activities.

About MAA elections, Suman said that he was not contesting in  the election because he was busy in the movies.  According to him,  he did not want to set foot on two boats at a time.

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