Shaadi Mubarak teaser is impressive

Sagar RK Naidu is playing the lead role in the movie Shaadi Mubarak. The movie has been in buzz because of ace producer Dil Raju. He has chosen to fund the project. Debutante Padmasri is the director of the movie. Shaadi Mubarak is a trendy rom-com that was targeted at urban audiences.

Drishya Raghunath has played the female lead in the movie. Shaadi Mubarak has completed the shooting long back and now the teaser is released. The promotions are on. The teaser is funny and creates a positive first impression.

The heroine in the film is particular about the surname of his would-be husband and then comes Sagar as Madhav Sunnipenta as his match-alliance. The heroine completely hates it and then the fun begins.

Shaadi Mubarak is scheduled for March 5th release.

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