South Actress says: I have been married twice, first husband was an alcoholic and second……

When you hear the song ‘Kodi Ok Konalo .. Punju Ok Konalo’, you will recognize the face of Kutti Padmini from the movie ‘Letha Manasulu’. Kutti Padmini was very busy as a child artist at that time. She acted as the daughter of all the star heroes of those days. She also acted in many movies as a character artist. 

 Recently during an interview Kutty Padmini said, “I used to be very close to Jayalalithaa in the Tamil industry. I did about 19 movies with her.  I was mostly fond of Shobhan Babu. I did not study because I have been doing films since childhood. Shobhan Babu used to tell me how to rise even if you don’t study. They explain how girls should develop themselves instead of staying idle at home. I have been putting his words into practice.”

Kutty Padmini told shocking things about her personal life, as she said “I have been married twice. The first husband was an alcoholic and had to separate. After that there was a love marriage with a man named Prabhu. We have two children. But knowing that my first husband was suffering from illness, we brought him and built a room under our office and took care of him. I used to take care of him as a friend.  After sharing life with someone else, I can’t share the bed with my first husband, but I don’t feel like leaving it like that.”

She added, “Later my second husband Prabhu fell in love with his secretary. I also agreed to their marriage. But my children did not agree. Prabhu left us and married his secretary. I am alone, yet happy. One of my daughters is a lawyer. My children are my strength.”

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