Special squads to crackdown on illegal septage collection

Complaints of septage and meat waste being dumped in public spaces and water bodies

The city Corporation has formed a special squad to crack down on vehicles being used for illegal septage collection, meat waste collection and drinking water distribution.

In checks carried out over the past two days, the squad has seized two tankers involved in septage collection and drinking water distribution, without any license from the civic body.

Four squads led by health inspectors have been formed with three members each for the purpose. The squads were formed in response to complaints, especially regarding illegal collection of septage and meat waste and dumping the same in public spaces and water bodies. Public can inform the squad regarding violations by calling 9496434517. It will function round the clock on a shift basis, since much of the illegal transport of waste happens during night time.

“On the first day of checks, we found a tanker truck, which is not part of the Corporation’s licensed list of septage collection vehicles, parked near Sreekaryam. Since there was no one inside the truck, we have seized the vehicle, which had an illegal sticker of the Corporation. The squads have been given the license plate numbers and owner details of all the vehicles used for septage collection and drinking water distribution. So, we can identify those who are operating illegally. The checks will continue in the coming days,” said Health Inspector S.S.Minu, who heads one of the special squads.

As of now, there are 16 tankers which have been licensed by the Corporation for collection of septage waste. The city Corporation introduced a licensed system for private vehicles collecting septage waste in April 2019. Since then crores of litres of septage have been collected through the system, also becoming a new source of revenue for the civic body. The septage collection system has continued uninterrupted even during the lockdown.

The civic body thought about introducing a licensing system after they noticed rampant illegal collection across the city, with the collected waste being dumped in water bodies in different places. Public can log their requests for septage collection through the ‘Smart Trivandrum’ app, which can be downloaded from Google playstore.

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