Stalin says Rahul will be PM, rejectsexit poll results

Rejecting exit poll predictions in favour of the BJP, DMK president M.K. Stalin on Wednesday said Congress president Rahul Gandhi would become the Prime Minister.

“Not just the DMK and its allies, the entire nation is anxiously waiting for the outcome of the elections. But one thing is certain. The outcome will match our expectations. Rahul Gandhi will become the Prime Minister of the country,” he said while participating in an Iftar party.

Questioning the methods followed by sections of the media to predict the outcome, the DMK president wondered how it was possible to release an exit poll result barely half an hour after the elections get over.

“DMK and its leader M. Karunanidhi never attached any importance to poll predictions. We never bothered whether they were predicted in our favour or against. We have done our work and people would have done their duty. Only people’s verdict matters,” he said.

To drive home the point that the poll predictions were not foolproof, he said one exit poll had given vote share to a political party in Kancheepuram even though the party had not fielded its candidate. “Similarly, another exit poll has included the Aam Admi Party in Chhattisgarh though the party has not contested there. The poll predictions are armchair work orchestrated and dictated by someone,” he charged.

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