States told to adopt Delhi police model

To prevent crimes against women

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs has urged the State Governments to follow the crime analytics model of Delhi Police in preventing street crimes against women through crime mapping and identification of hotspots for reinforced action.

Communicating this to the Chief Secretaries of the States and Union Territories, the Union Home Ministry said the Crime Mapping Analytics and Productive System and related tools were deployed on the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (CCTNS).

As part of the initiatives to strengthen the capacity to deal with cases of crimes against women, it was recommended that the SOP on registration of FIRs should include guidelines to police to record reasons for delay in reporting of crimes by the complainants to the police. A provision was made for recording this statement in the FIRs on the CCTNS.

The States and Union Territories weretold to widely circulate the BPR&D’s handbooks on ‘Women’s Safety & Security’ and ‘First respondents and Investigators’ to police personnel, and include the guidelines in the training modules.

In Tamil Nadu, which leads the nation in the concept of all-woman police station, Director-General of Police/Chennai Police Commissioner Shankar Jiwal says police were sensitised to the need for taking proactive measures to avert crime against women and children and also to prosecute offenders in such cases expeditiously.

“Chennai Police have a woman officer in the rank of a Deputy Commissioner of Police to exclusively deal with crimes against women and children. An analysis of crimes against women by taking into account the nature of offence, hotpots, age vulnerabilities, etc., was done to devise an effective strategy. We have a zero tolerance policy towards such crimes…the number of cases has gone up in the recent past owing to the proactive measures,” Mr. Jiwal said. He said the pattern of crimes against women reported in Delhi could not be compared with that of Chennai.

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