Stingless bee keeping project launched

Karshaka Vidyapeedam, the first-ever farmers’ university headquartered at Padannakkad in Kasaragod, has launched a meliponiculture project in Champeri as part of popularisation of stingless honeybee farming in the State.

Abdullah Edakkave, Director, Karshaka Vidyapeedam, inaugurated a four-month foundation training course on meliponiculture as the first phase of the project.

The Karshaka Vidyapeedam will initially train select farmers from Eruvessy and Naduvil panchayats, who have no previous experience in meliponiculture. The programme has been designed to facilitate those who successfully complete the foundation course to gradually acquire the KVP honorary diploma. Those who complete the foundation training will also be provided with the unique ‘indigenous beehives’ designed by the Cheruthen Research Forum under the Karshka Vidyapeedam and follow-up assistance.

Stingless bee honey is well known for its medicinal properties.

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