Sudhakar denies pharma company employee went to China

Seeking to clear the air over his reported statement that that employee of the pharmaceutical company in Nanjangud near here, who first tested positive for COVID-19, had been to China, Medical Education Minister K. Sudhakar on Tuesday clarified that he only said that the person was in touch with a foreigner.

Fielding reporters’ queries in Mysuru, Mr. Sudhakar denied having said that the employee, who is identified as P-52, went abroad. “I did not say that he went abroad. The Home Department had informed me that he was in contact with a person from abroad”, he said.

He said the Home Department’s investigation into the source of the infection was still underway. “They will inform us after completing the investigation. Let us wait till then.”

After Mr. Sudhakar’s reported claim that the employee of the pharmaceutical company – Jubilant Life Sciences – had visited China, the Mysuru district police had denied that P-52 travelled either to China or any other place outside India.

The police said the investigations into the travel history of the pharmaceutical company’s employees made it clear that P-52 had not travelled overseas. The police was, however, investigating into various angles to identify the source of infection.

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