Swiss Ambassador lauds Delhi govt. for COVID-19 management

Ralf Heckner says patients had access to good health services

Swiss Ambassador Ralf Heckner met Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal at the Delhi Secretariat on Tuesday, and praised the various steps taken by the Delhi government to deal with the COVID-19 situation, said officials.

Bed availability

They added that Mr. Kejriwal spoke about how the government didn’t allow a bed shortage crisis even when the pandemic was at its peak in the city.

The Chief Minister also said they [the government] launched a mobile application to identify bed availability in hospitals.

Mr. Kejriwal further spoke about how the government will soon implement a Health Information Management System (MIMS) through which every Delhi citizen will get a health card detailing their entire medical history.

The government officials stated that the Ambassador said the Delhi government not only succeeded in dealing with COVID-19 but also provided good health facilities to patients.

Mr. Kejriwal said the Delhi government adopted a method to deal with COVID-19 under which only critical patients were admitted to the hospital, while others were provided treatment at home.

He added that the same method was adopted in other States and countries.

According to the government, Mr. Kejriwal said that to provide immediate health facilities to patients, required steps were taken by taking both private and government hospitals.

The Chief Minister also discussed in detail with the Ambassador the measures being taken to tackle pollution in the city, including the implementation of a progressive EV policy.

The Delhi government is also taking the support of IIT-Kanpur, IIT-Delhi and TERI in this direction, the Ambassador was informed.

Tourism sector

Mr. Kejriwal told Mr. Heckner that the Delhi government was taking various steps to promote the tourism industry in the city and working on a number of schemes.

The possibility of Swiss firms working and investing in the tourism sector in Delhi was also discussed, the government added.

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