Tangedco cuts roadside trees but foliage remains uncleared for days

Seeming reluctance of corporation workers to remove branches and leaves of fallen trees has evoked strong reaction among residents of Tiruchi.

As per the garbage collection system in place for more than four years, the conservancy workers engaged by the civic body carry out collection of wet and non-degradable waste on a door-to-door basis. There are complaints in some areas that the workers are not prompt in garbage collection. Though the workers visit once in two or three days, they leave the branches of fallen trees and leaves untouched.

The residents are of the view that there was no problem for them in disposing of all types of garbage when bins were placed in different parts of the city. They dumped domestic waste, food leftovers, vegetables, discarded items and other wastes into the garbage bins. Butthey could not do it after the Corporation decided to remove the bins about four years ago under the new Solid Waste Management Rules passed by the Centre in 2016. The residents were asked to hand over domestic waste directly to the workers coming with pushcarts or light commercial vehicles of the Corporation.

Ever since the garbage bins were removed, residents are unable to dispose of dried foliage safely. What is causing concern among the residents is the accumulation of dried fallen trees axed by the Tamil Nadu Generation Distribution Corporation (Tangedco). It trims down well-grown roadside trees that disturb power transmission lines on streets periodically. The felled branches and the leaves are not removed for days together.

The Tangedco workers carried out a trimming down exercise on many streets in Srinivasa Nagar and Kumaran Nagar about a week ago. The branches are not yet cleared. Neither Tangedco nor Tiruchi Corporation bothers to clear them.

“It has become a perennial problem. We have to wait for weeks to remove the dried foliage by the corporation workers. They remove the fallen branches only after much persuasion. By the time they collect the foliage, it clogs the drains,” says S. Boopathi, a resident of Srinivasa Nagar.

He said that many residents, who had raised trees, felled them due to problems faced in disposing the dried leaves. The corporation should devise a mechanism to remove foliage by coordinating with the Tangedco, he said.

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