Teams to visit homes to get people vaccinated

Beneficiaries to be chronically ill and bed-ridden patients as well as select senior citizens

The State will send a health team and ambulance to in the State to administer COVID-19 vaccine to all chronically ill and bed-ridden patients as well as senior citizens who may be disabled or in poor physical health, who cannot be moved out of their homes.

To facilitate this, the government will prepare a list of such beneficiaries after ensuring that there are no contra indications for COVID-19 vaccination (as per existing guidelines) and after obtaining an informed signed consent in the prescribed format, the GO issued in this regard says.

An ambulance with necessary emergency kit to manage any adverse events following immunisation (AEFI) and medical personnel will be kept in the vicinity for any emergency management.

Each house visit team will have a Medical Officer, a vaccinator and a support staff (ASHA/anganwadi worker/volunteer) all of whom will have to wear a surgical gown, N95 mask, face shield and gloves. They will follow the hand sanitisation protocol strictly.

The medical officer will examine the beneficiary for general fitness for vaccination, after which one of the trained health care workers will administer the vaccine. One healthcare worker will be asked to stay back for a minimum of 30 minutes to watch out for any adverse reactions following vaccination.

The beneficiary will be followed up over phone for the next 48 hours by a health worker, whose contact number will also be shared with the beneficiary. The palliative care team of the respective local health institution will follow up the beneficiary for three more weeks

The State Police Chief has been asked to ensure that the details of senior citizens or bed-ridden patients in their respective jurisdictions are collected and listed and that they are provided all assistance as required.

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