Telugu actress bitten by scorpion

Telugu actress Heena was bitten by a scorpion  during the shoot of a music video Kala in the jungles of Telangana.  The actress was immediately taken for treatment.  Recently during the media interaction, Heena  spoke about this incident as she said, “ When I was shooting for the music video in a forest, there were snakes and I was trying to avoid them but unfortunately i was bitten by a scorpion.

Immediately  I was rushed to the hospital and I was given an antidote and taken back to the shoot.” She added that though the makers asked her to take a break but she preferred to  continue the shoot and virtually gave her blood for the video.

A KMR Corp Presentation and a Playback Entertainment Production, the music video  features Heena S and the song  has lyrics by Kavi Siddhartha with music, concept and direction by Seshu KMR.   It is rendered by the well-known singer Neha Karode.  It is shot at the various picturesque locations of Goa and Hyderabad. The editing and VFX  department were handled by Surya Reddy SS with Raj Kumar Reddy as the executive producer.

Seshu KMR has been working with many filmmakers including his mentor Ram Gopal Varma aka RGV who launched the music video on his Twitter handle.

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