Telugu Theatre owners fume over lack of support from Tollywood and Government

Telugu theatre and multiplex owners are in dire straits ever since cinema halls have been shut down owing to the lockdown. The electricity bills range anywhere above 80,000. Despite not having source of income, theatre owners are compelled to pay the salaries of the staff.  The theatre owners are waiting patiently to see a better tomorrow.

Mr Murali Mohan Ravi, owner of multiplex theater, said, “I am playing Rs 80 thousand electricity charges  per month even though theatres are closed. Neither I am getting any help from the Central or State government, nor from the Tollywood Industry.”

The theatre and multiplex owners are suffering huge losses and the government seems to be unwilling to save the dying industry.  The government is also not giving concessions in the electricity bills.

The lockdown had  huge impact on the income and they lost revenue due to closure of theatres. No new films are ready as the shootings are progressing slowly. About 80 movies are in the various stages of production in both Telugu states and would be completed only around December or January.

Telugu theaters owners are facing the problem of paying electricity bills. On average, each theatre has to pay between Rs 40,000 and Rs 1 lakh electricity charges per month depending on the seating capacity and number of shows they screen every day. Many theater owners are not in a position to pay the power bills and want the government to waive off the power charges.

Will Chiranjeevi become a mega star if not cinema halls? Will Nagarjuna become a hero? Will Rajamouli Baahubali earn Rs 2,000 Cr?

Neither the government nor the Tollywood industry are coming forward for the help of theater owners.

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