Ten arrested for burning e-waste in vacant sites outside Ring Road

The sparsely inhabited residential areas around Rajiv Nagar 3rd stage outside the Ring Road, where garbage is found illegally dumped, had also become a convenient location for waste recyclers to extract valuable metals by setting fire to electronic waste.

However, the police, responding to complaints from the residents, cracked down on the illegal activity and arrested a total of ten persons in two separate raids during the last one week.

The vacant plots of land near Varuna Canal flowing adjacent to Rajiv Nagar 3rd stage in Devanur was being used by the accused to set fire to dry and electronic waste to extract copper, iron and other metals. But, the toxic fumes emanating from the burnt e-waste posed a serious health risk to the residents of the locality.

After the residents complained about the possible spread of infectious diseases through the toxic fumes, a team of police personnel from Mysuru South police station raided the area on July 11 and again on July 17. While Amanulla Khan, Syed Ruman, Amjad Pasha, Tausifulla Baig, Riyaz, Nadeemulla Baig and Hamid were arrested during the first raid on July 11, Abdul Wahid, Mohammed Tahir Pasha and Arifulla were arrested during the second raid on July 17.

The accused had been booked under Section 269 of the Indian Penal Code, which has provision for punishing whoever unlawfully or negligently does any act which is likely to spread infection of any dangerous disease.

The Mysuru district police, while warning people against indulging in such illegal activity, has also appealed to the general public to bring to their notice any such activity for necessary action. Superintendent of Mysuru District police R Chethan has appreciated the efforts of Mysuru South Police station in the regard.

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