Tharoor undermines his perch: KPCC chief

Thiruvananthapuram Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) president K. Sudhakaran on Saturday compared Sashi Tharoor, MP, to the proverbial person who cut the very branch on which he was safely perched.

Mr. Sudhakaran’s comment came when reporters asked him whether Mr. Tharoor had violated the Congress line by declining to sign a petition signed by the United Democratic Front (UDF) MPs seeking the Centre’s help to stop the State from forging ahead with the K-Rail (SilverLine) project.

“Mr.Tharoor might be a global citizen with a personality that could barely fit into the Congress fold. But, the party could not allow anyone elected to public office on the Congress ticket to undermine the very organisation that elevated them to the position,” he said.

Mr. Sudhakaran said he would speak in person to Mr. Tharoor and seek an explanation. The UDF had taken a studied position on K-Rail. “The party has to know why Mr. Tharoor had denied the UDF position,” he said.

Congress workers could hold forth their views on any matter. But, finally they should tow the party line. Mr. Tharoor’s purportedly pro-government tweets and comments had irked Congress leaders.

Union Minister of State for External Affairs and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader V. Muraleedharan said the Left Democratic Front had enlisted Mr. Tharoor as an agent for whitewash jobs.

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