Tharun Bhascker Vs Mahesh Babu fans

Telugu Superstar Mahesh Babu fans are fuming on Pelli Choopulu fame director Tharun Bhascker.

Recently Tharun Bhascker  took to his Instagram and shared a lengthy post. He first hailed Malayalam film Kappela, directed by Muhammad Musthafa  starring Sreenath Bhasi, Anna Ben, Roshan Mathew, Tanvi Ram and Sudhi Koppa, and appealed his followers to watch this movie on Netflix. Mahesh Babu fans assumed Tharun Bhascker ‘post to be a dig at Mahesh Babu  and his two films, Sarileru Neekevaru and Maharshi.

So Mahesh Babu fans launched the attack in Tharun Bhascker and his friend Producer Sai Krishna. Tharun also came back with a sharp retort, and said, “This is for all  trollers, the cowards who hide behind fake names, hollow identities. i feel sorry for them. The problem is you people don’t have any self esteem that is the main the reason you choose to hide in a croup, behind a fake id. You need an idol, a caste or a community to feel safe.

it’s true. i get it. Without that fake sense of security, you are nothing. Deep down you know it, that’s why you hurl the abuses, throw around insults the moment someone points a finger. You guys are weak. You get nothing. So keep watching our tails because nothing will stop me from telling the stories that i want to tell. I am only 31. It’s only been 4 years.”

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