The 2022 starter kit: beauty and wellness stocking

Add a luxurious Ranavat masque, Skims velour robe, and more to this year’s Santa swag bag

Ranavat’s Resurfacing Saffron Masque

The prized ingredient is a home beauty ritual staple. But this Ayurvedic brand (that recently got the Goop stamp of approval) gives saffron a modern take, with a formula that combines individual strands with papaya enzyme, fruit derived AHAs, and aloe vera. It is also a cruelty free and vegan formulation. Approx ₹5,700 for 50 ml on

Byredo’s Mumbai Noise

Next stop, Chembur! This one’s a “tribute to the sensorial multitudes and multifaceted modernity of Mumbai”, as founder and perfumer Ben Gorham remembers it. With top notes of davana, and tonka beans and coffee at its heart, you’ll be left with the lingering base of labdanum, sandalwood and agarwood. Approx ₹11,700 on

Acupoint Massage Socks

Gone back to working long hours? These socks map out the acupressure points on your feet. Each is believed to be associated with a certain part of the body. Massaging the relevant pressure point is said to relieve pain. ₹1,285 on

Skims Velour Robe

Plush fleece fabric with satin piping, in an extra long length. Wrap yourself in one after a night out on the town. ₹15,000 on

House of Charu Weighted Blanket

When it comes to sleep, quality counts just as much as quantity. Filled with evenly distributed glass beads, this velvet blanket’s deep pressure simulation will make sure you get your 40 winks in. ₹11,000 on

Tempo Studio

Tech, equipment and classes, all in one package. Create a sleek workout space in the comfort of your own home. ₹1.5 lakh on

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