The Fish That Sold For Rs 1 Lakh!

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A rainy day wedding.

Women play a big role in building the ‘Brand India’ story.

And a polling party that walked 15 km in the snow.

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Even the rain gods could not stop these weddings
Location: Chennai

Normally, when you see incessant downpour, all you want to do is stay at home.

These five couples were determined that nothing would detract from the most important day in their lives.

Though they were drenched as they entered the waterlogged Anjineyar temple in Pulianthope to get married, all we could see were their delighted smiles.


Why election staff need to be applauded!
Location: Chamba

India’s elections has real heroes.

The voters who ignore age and physical limitations to ensure they cast their vote.

And the polling officials who make sure every eligible Indian gets a chance to cast their vote.

Like they did during the assembly election in Himachal Pradesh.

A polling party walked 15 km in the snow for six hours to reach Killar so that its residents could take part in the electoral process.

Hats off to their dedication!


Breathtaking! Fighter jets in action
Location: Jodhpur

It was the seventh edition of Garuda VII, the India-France air exercise that gives the air forces of the two countries an opportunity for professional interaction and sharing of operational knowledge and experience.

And what a glorious sight it was to see them take to the skies!


Cobra hides in refrigerator
Location: Tumakuru

When, and how, did a cobra enter a refrigerator?

And decide to hide there?

This happened in Kothagere village in Tamil Nadu’s Tumakuru district.

Thankfully, it was rescued with any harm coming to the reptile or its unwitting human hosts.


A fish sells for Rs 1 lakh!
Location: Balasore

A rare fish weighing about 500 kg was netted from the Bay of Bengal near Paradip in Odisha.

Local fishermen identified it as a rare species of sawfish found in the deep sea in both the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea.

It was bought by a customer from Kolkata for Rs 100,000.


How women are building ‘Brand India’
Location: New Delhi

Women are working hard to help India claim its rightful economic place in the world.

In Surat, a large number of women have entered the textile industry.

Women like Insha are blazing a trail for young lady entrepreneurs.

And she is just one example of how India’s women are playing an instrumental role in bolstering ‘Brand India’.


Hyderabadi Biryani faces huge challenge!
Location: Hyderabad

The demand for Mandi, a traditional Arabic dish, is on the rise in Hyderabad.

So much so that it is giving tough competition to the famed Hyderabadi Biryani.

Take a look.


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