The new President of India to be declared today

The election for a new President of India was held on July 18th, and today on the 21st, the counting of votes had begun and the results of the contestants, BJP-led NDA candidate Draupadi Murmu and the joint Opposition candidate Yashwant Sinha will be declared today.

The counting is being held in Room No 63 in Parliament House, the place which is sanitised properly and a silent zone. There will be an allowance into the counting hall only for counting officers, officials deployed to help the Rajya Sabha Secretary General candidates and one authorised representative of each candidate, observers appointed by the Election Commission and media persons with valid passes.

Out of 736 electors consisting of 727 MPs and 9 MLAs permitted by the Election Commission to vote at the  Parliament house, 728 (719 MPs and 9 MLAs) cast their votes. The total turnout at Parliament House was 98.91%. As soon as the results are announced, Bharatiya Janata Party has planned to commence celebrating in more than 1 lakh tribal villages.

After the declaration  victory of Murmu all over the nation, especially among the tribal community, the BJP workers will celebrate in about 15,000 mandals and they will put up hoardings and posters of Draupadi Murmu in these tribal villages.

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