Three held with drugs in Kozhikode

Police suspect them to have close links with international rackets

Three youngsters were arrested from Kozhikode on Friday on the charge of possessing ADMA, a new-generation drug. The arrested have been identified as Noufal, 33, Anwar Thasneem, 30, and Mansoor, 35.

The Chevayur police and City Narcotics Special Action Force and City Crime Squad arrested them and seized 44 grams of ADMA. Police sources said that Anwar had been sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment in Kuwait for drug trafficking and was released eight months ago after eight years of imprisonment on government pardon.

He had purchased drugs from a Tamil Nadu native who had undergone similar sentence with him in Kuwait. Noufal too has a history of similar crimes in India and South Asia. The police suspect them to have close links with international drug rackets.

ADMA, a synthetic drug, is mostly used in night parties and is in high demand. Medical College ASP K. Sudarshan said that synthetic drugs, often supplied from Goa, Bengaluru and Chennai, are brought to Kerala by carriers including girls.

Use of these drugs, even in small doses, can lead to cardiac arrest, amnesia, depression, paranoia, visual impairment and mental disorders. In the last few months, around 60 kilograms of ganja, 75 grams of ADMA, 300 grams of hashish, several banned tobacco products and hashish oil had been seized from Kozhikode.

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