Tirumala ghat roads closed

The TTD on Thursday ordered temporary closure of both the ghat roads in the wake of inclement climate conditions that resulted in the uprooting of trees and rolling down of boulders at several places. The roads will remain closed till 6 a.m. on Friday.

Pilgrim activities were greatly impacted as incessant rains and gusty winds swept across the town. The temple town which experienced sporadic incidents of minor landslides in the morning witnessed falling of huge trees on the ghat roads, Alipiri trekking route besides slipping of boulders post-noon.

The engineering, vigilance and forest personnel cleared the debris instantly without much inconvenience to the motorists.

With high velocity winds accompanying the incessant rains, the roads leading to Srivari Padalu and Papavinasanam theertham were also temporarily closed as instances of tree fall were reported at a couple of places en route.

According to Superintendent Engineer–II Jagadishwar Reddy, the town which registered 55 mm of rainfall in 24 hours till 8 a.m. on Thursday, added another 50 mm of rainfall by 7 pm in the evening.

Crest gates lifted

While minor drinking water projects like Akasa Ganga, Kumaradhara and Pasupudhara which lack the flood gate mechanism experienced over-flowing of water, the crest gates of Papavinasanam and Gogarbham dams were lifted to release the surplus water downstream. Meanwhile, there was also an alleged drop in the turnout of devotees from the rain ravaged State of Tamil Nadu which alone aggregates an average of nearly 40% of the pilgrim crowd.

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