Toll plaza workers stage protest

Workers of Krishnagiri toll plaza staged a protest against the newly appointed subcontractor over the revised terms of employment.

Among the contentious terms include the condition that the workers may be transferred to any part of the country, where M/s Racy Projects wins a subcontract

On Monday, the Tamil Nadu Toll Plaza Workers Federation led by the Tamil Nadu General Workers Union staged a sit-in protest outside the Collectorate here over the revised terms of contract by the new subcontractor appointed by Reliance Infrastructure, the concessionaire of the toll plaza. Citing the pending conciliation proceedings under the Industrial Disputes Act, and an earlier Madras High Court order of 2020 on maintenance of status quo without altering service conditions or termination of services by the subcontractor in various toll plazas, the Federation slammed the revision of terms.

According to the Federation, on July 31, the workers were asked to sign accepting the new terms and conditions of Racy Projects. The protesters said the revision of terms and conditions was untenable.

When contacted Yuvaraj, Project Manager of Reliance Infrastructure, Krishnagiri toll plaza, he said, “it is a general norm to draw up a contract. A section of workers had started work accepting the terms, while another section has refused to work.” Both the parties had moved the court, he said.

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