Trade unions demand payment of wages to NTC workers

Trade union members on Friday submitted a memorandum to the management of National Textile Corporation (NTC) here demanding payment of wages to workers.

CITU leader C. Padmanabhan said the NTC had not paid wages to the workers of the seven NTC mills in the State for October and November. Since the lockdown last year when the mills were closed, the management had paid the workers only 50 % wages. The mills were not functioning and the workers did not receive even the 50 % wages for October and November. The All India Co-ordination Committee of NTC trade unions would meet here on January 4 and a protest was planned for January 5.

“We, along with MPs of States that have NTC mills, met the Textile Minister earlier this month and demanded reopening of the mills. However, he did not give an assurance,” Mr. Padmanabhan said.

The NTC officials here had assured the trade union members that the wage arrears for the two months would be cleared within a week, he added.

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