Travel safely, police advise students

Inadequate bus services lead to overcrowding, say activists

The police have launched a campaign to sensitise students on the dangers of travelling on the footboard of buses and trains following a series of complaints.

Traffic police personnel, at the behest of Commissioner of Police Shankar Jiwal, visited colleges and schools asking students not to indulge in dangerous acts during their daily commute.

“The traffic police have been conducting an awareness campaign among students of various schools and colleges in the city about the dangers of travelling on footboard or clinging on to the window bars. First, we warn students who indulge in such acts and then may take appropriate action if they repeat their act,” said a senior police officer.

Recently, students of a city college who travelled on footboard on a government bus, were booked for possessing machetes.

Schoolchildren performed stunts atop a bus while commuting to their school in Meyyur in Tiruvallur district.

A video of another group of students travelling dangerously had been doing the rounds in social media. Their parents were called to the police station and warned about the consequence if their wards continued with this behaviour.

At least nine students were booked recently in Tiruvallur district although no case was registered in the city limits.

The police said they had the power to book students under Section 123 of The Motor Vehicles Act, (riding on running board) and other provisions.

The Transport Department instructed conductors and drivers to stop the bus in case of footboard travelling or any other menace by students and call the police.

Inadequate services

M. Radhakrishnan, co-ordinator of Thozhan, said: “The buses do not stop at the designated spots in bus stops and the students have to run here and there to board the buses. Inadequate bus services is also one of the factors which leads students to commute in a dangerous manner.”

“The government should ensure the safety of children while providing education. They should have done proper mapping of areas where school/ college students commute and should increase the number of buses accordingly. A coordination meeting between transport, education and police departments should be convened periodically to discuss the cause of students indulging in dangerous acts while commuting and hammer out a solution to the problem,” said A. Devaneyan, a child rights activist.

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