‘TRS has caste-based norms on corruption charges’

AICC spokesperson Sravan Dasoju has said Minister Malla Reddy has failed to specifically give any answers on the lands issue raised by Congress president A. Revanth Reddy and the government too is silent for some strange reasons.

“This government seems to have caste-based norms for inquiry into corruption charges on Ministers. While SC Minister Rajaiah and BC Minister Eatala Rajender were unceremoniously removed from the Cabinet, charges against Mr. Malla Reddy are not being probed,” he said at a press conference along with Medchal district Congress president Nandikanti Sridhar.

“Is the government ready for an open debate on the lands related to Survey No 650 of Gundlapochampally, cancellation of NAAC recognition to Malla Reddy Engineering College for submitting fake forms and the lands related to CMR Hospitals? If not, it would be construed that TRS bigwigs also have share in them,” he charged.

Mr. Sravan asked Mr. Malla Reddy to specifically explain how the land in Survey No 650 had 22 acres and 8 guntas from 1965 to 2001 had increased to 33 acres and 16 guntas on the Dharani portal. Similarly, government lands in Jawahar Nagar where registrations were banned were now with Mr. Malla Reddy for establishing a hospital. The National Assessment and Accreditation Committee (NAAC) had banned recognition to Malla Reddy college for five years for submission of fake documents. How can the government grant university status to such institutions, he asked and also demanded the Minister to specifically explain these charges rather than giving sermons.

He said the government was conducting raids through the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) on employees and asked why it was silent on the corruption of Ministers and MLAs. Congress would approach all the agencies and the courts to expose the ‘misdeeds’ of the Ministers and MLAs.

He said the Telangana society too should raise questions on the corruption charges against the Ministers.

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