TRS spent ₹600 crore for Huzurabad bypoll: Eatala

‘Yet, people punished KCR for his arrogant and tyrannical rule’

Former Minister and re-elected as MLA from Huzurabad under the BJP flag, Eatala Rajender has accused the TRS of spending about ₹600 crore of ‘ill-gotten wealth’ and another ₹2,500 crore disbursed under Dalit Bandhu, besides using scores of police personnel in civilian clothes to lure and pressurise voters. Yet people have punished Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao for his ‘arrogant and tyrannical’ rule.

“Mr. Rao is desperate and in a shock post the bypoll verdict. He has been holding press conferences lashing out as if he has done nothing wrong. Telangana people are ready to show him his place as he has lost their faith, has deceived those who fought in the separate State agitation by handing over power to traitors and throttling democracy and constitutional bodies,” he claimed on Wednesday.

Mr. Rajender stated that there was “more freedom of expression” during the united Andhra Pradesh days and KCR was crushing down any kind of dissent. “Protocols for present and past MLAs too, are not being adhered to. I was even denied the opportunity to present my resignation to the Speaker earlier and from speaking at the media point today,” he said, talking to the media at the Telangana Martyrs’ Memorial after being sworn in as the MLA.

He said he was sure of BJP gaining strength across the State and urged Telangana intellectuals and those who believe in democracy and constitutional rights to come together to defeat the ‘tyrannical’ rule of TRS since KCR’s ‘true colours’ got exposed.

“I have been unfairly removed from the ministry and no debate was allowed. Mr. Rao had not only insulted me but also the Constitution. This practice of silencing freedom of thought and expression will not last,” he added, flanked by top BJP leaders.

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