Two injured in a leopard attack in Kutrupady

The couple, who were watering their farm early in the morning, suffered bruises and fractures

A man and his wife were injured following attack by a Leopard in a farm land in Kutrupady village of Kadaba Talk, abutting a reserve forest, near Kukke Subrahmanya, in the early hours on Friday.

According to Deputy Conservator of Forest V. Karikalan, the leopard jumped on Shekhar Kamat and Soumya Kamat when they were in their farm at around 3 a.m. to water the field. The leopard then fled to the bushes nearby and has continued to stay there.

Mr. Karikalan said Ms. Kamath has a scratch wound on her hand while he suffered fracture in his hand. Ms. Kamath is being treated at the Community Health Centre in Kadaba while Mr. Kamath has been taken to a private hospital in Putter.

The DCF said forest department personnels have been hearing the sounds of a leopard from the bushes. The personnel suspect that it might have been injured or could be eating a pray. They are waiting for the leopard to come out so they can dart it. Two veterinary doctors have been sent to assist Forest department personnel in the task.

The place is about 30 km away from the farm land abutting the Kidu Reserve Forest where recently a Leopard, which was trapped with a dog in a washroom, left for the forest leaving the dog unharmed.

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